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Jonathan Melling is organist and director of music at the church of All Hallows by the Tower in the City of London, where he gives regular lunchtime recitals. He is also honorary organist at the Church of Christ the King, Gordon Square, London WC1.

" miserable, how paltry, how bad are the lives we lead! Which one of us would dare, like this composer, to stand before God and fate, with such cries of accusation and of thanksgiving, with such aspiring grandeur from so profoundly reverent a mind? Ah, one should live differently, one should be different, should spend more time beneath the sky and among the trees, should keep for oneself more time to be closer to the beautiful and great mysteries."

Hermann Hesse (1877-1962) in his 1913 essay "Old Music" (Alte Musik), including his reflections on hearing an organ recital.

Photo of Jonathan Melling